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Curriculum Vitae Andree Toonk





First name



Dutch   (The Netherlands)

Date of Birth


Home address:

Burnaby, BC







University of Amsterdam


Master of Science (MSc) : System and Network engineering

Graduated in September 2004  (Cum Laude / With Distinction)



Hogeschool van Utrecht.


Bachelor of Science (BSc):  Communication Technology


Graduated: 2003



 Active projects I am working on

I am the author of BGPmon is popular free tool for BGP network administrators to monitor BGP announcements for anomalies, stability and different kind of prefix hijacks.

TL1 Toolkit

The TL1 Toolkit is an open source Perl module to interface with TL1 capable devices*. It executes TL1 commands and returns the results in Perl data structures.  This tool is currently in use by a number of networks running a variety of vendors such as Nortel, Cisco, Ciena and Adva.

* TL1 is the CLI language supported by most optical devices.

Employment History


2007– Current

BCNET & University of British Columbia

Job title:

Network Architect


Vancouver, Canada  (


BCNET is the regional research network of British Columbia (Canada). BCNET provides high-speed optical network capabilities to British Columbia's higher education and research institutions.

As a network architect at BCNET my main responsibilities are managing the optical network as well as the routed network.

The optical network is a DWDM network with ROADM functionality transporting SONET and OTN signals.  My responsibilities vary from troubleshooting, to design considerations as well as evaluating monitoring tools and where necessary develop our own tools.

As a result I have implemented a set of network management tools specifically for optical transport networks. This monitoring system is based on the Perl TL1 toolkit, SNMP, MySQL, RRD and PHP.

My team is also responsible for upgrading the BCNET network to a 10Gb/s capable routed and switched network. This included the Request for Proposal (RFP), selecting vendors as well as writing design documents and a test plans. During this period I have gained in-depth knowledge and hands-on experience with MPLS and VPLS technologies.

At BCNET I worked with a wide range of equipment like Cisco and Juniper as well as Nortel CPL (ROADM), OME6500 and Passport 8600.  


2004 – 2007

SARA Computing and Networking Services 

Job title:

Senior Network Specialist


Amsterdam, The Netherlands  (


As a Senior Network Specialist I was responsible for the design & management of a number of high profile customer networks. One of those networks was SURFnet, which is the Dutch national research network.

The SURFnet network is an advanced national infrastructure that connects all universities and academic hospitals and most polytechnics and research centres in the Netherlands.   This is a state of the art network build on wide range of optical technologies such as CWDM, DWDM ROADM, OTN & SDH/SONET.

I have gained hands-on experience with different types of routers such as Cisco and Avici and worked with routing protocols such as BGP, ISIS, OSPF for both IPv4 and IPv6, both unicast and multicast.

I have gained considerable experience with Cisco routers (primarily 12xxx(GSR),  72xx and  6500), Avici routers, Nortel equipment such as OM5200, Nortel OME6500, Nortel HDXc, Nortel CPL (DWDM), Nortel 1060 (CWDM). Cisco ONS15454, Nortel Passport 8600.

Along with the daily network management tasks I spend 75% of my time on innovation projects as a member of the SARA Network Research Group. Subjects that I worked on were: the Perl TL1 toolkit, Lightpath monitoring, (Optical) control plane technologies, GMPLS and on-demand network provisioning.

As part of this I visited and gave presentations on conferences such as the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), Intenet2 joint techs, Terena and GLIF (Global Lambda Integrated Facility).

I am also co-author of multiple articles about management software for optical networks and describing networks in XML/RDF, see:


2003 -2004

Hoge school van Utrecht (HvU)  (Polytechnic school)


Utrecht, The Netherlands  (

Job title:

Part-time teacher and network administrator


During my study I worked as a part-time teacher in CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate) & CCNP.

My responsibilities were: preparing the lessons, answering questions of students as well as assessing the lab exams.

Besides the Cisco curriculum I was also responsible for the design, implementation of the Computer & science department network.



Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX) 


Amsterdam, The Netherlands  (

Job title:

Graduate student


As part of my Bachelors degree program I did a six-month project at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange. AMS-IX is the largest Internet Exchange in Europe.

During this project it was my responsibility to make the network and the services running on the network IPv6 compatible.

I did research on multihoming issues in IPv6, as well locater and identifier separation initiatives.
I have gained significant experience with IPv6 and several associated protocols. During this period I learnt a great deal about the architecture of the (inter domain) Internet, Internet Exchanges and related protocols such as BGP.


2000 – 2004



Ede, The Netherlands   (

Job title:

(Unix) Solution engineer


ZXFactory is specialized in the maintenance and facilitation of complex ICT environments.

My team was responsible for the management, administration and troubleshooting of the large server farms of several major Dutch Internet service providers.

I Primarily worked on Mail, Web, LDAP and DNS systems. During this period I gained experience with open source products as well as several Operating Systems such as Sun Solaris and Linux. As a network administrator setting up an 802.1X capable wireless network as well as designing and managing several other networks.



Relevant certification

2008                OTDR and Optical Spectrum Analyzer (OSA).

2006                Nortel OME6500

2006                Nortel OM5200

2006                Nortel CPL (COMMON PHOTONIC LAYER / DWDM)

2004                CCNP (Cisco Certified Network Professional).

2002                CCNA (Cisco Certified Network Associate).





 Native language:


 Other languages:

English: Excellent knowledge (fluent)
German: basic knowledge
French: very basic knowledge


Programming languages

  • Perl
  • PHP
  • Java
  • MySQL
  • Bash scripting

Articles and presentations

I have given a number of talks and am the co-author of several articles. Subjects vary from managing optical networks, to IPv6 and BGP security. For a complete list please see the URLs below.


Relevant conferences

* Speaker

Nanog45 *

January 2009, Santo Domingo, Dominican republic

Canheit 2008

June 2008, Calgary, Canada

Cisco Live, Networkers

June 2008, Orlando, USA

BCNET conference *

April, 2008; Vancouver, Canada

Terena Networking Conference 2007 *

May, 2007; Denmark, Copenhagen

Internet2 Joint techs

January, 2008; Honolulu Hawaii, USA

Internet2 Joint techs

February, 2007; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

Internet2 Joint techs

February, 2006; Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

 IETF 68

March, 2007; Prague, Czech Republic;

 IETF 67

November, 2006; San Diego, CA, USA;

 IETF 65

March, 2006; Dallas, TX, USA;

 IETF 64

November, 2005; Vancouver, BC, Canada;

GLIF Working Group Meeting

January, 2008; Honolulu Hawaii, USA

GLIF Working Group Meeting

February, 2007; Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA

GLIF Working Group Meeting *

February, 2006; Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA

GLIF 6th Annual Global LambdaGrid Workshop *

September; 2006 Tokyo, Japan

Several vendor visits

Cisco (Amsterdam & Brussels).

(2005, 2006, 2007) Nortel (Ottawa, Canada)


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