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About me...

My name is Andree Toonk I'm 29 years old and I live in Vancouver, Canada. I was born and raised in The Netherlands in a city called Zevenaar near the German border.


In my spare time I love to ride on my bike, unfortunately not as much as I used to, but I'm still enjoying it as much as I can! Sometimes I bike with friends sometimes with my co-workers. In the photo section you will find some nice photos of a biking trip in the Alps in Austria which I went on with my coworkers in the summer of 2005.

Of course I like to hang out with my friends. I have a very nice group of friends, who I see on a regular basis. This group of friends exists for over 15 years already. Most of us know each other since primary school. When we were teenagers we used to go on holiday with the whole group every year, mostly to Spain and Greece. Nowadays we still have our annual friends weekend. We also have our own website, please check to learn more about my friends and lots of photos of our holidays, birthday parties and lots more.


For my work I have the opportunity to travel a quite a lot, primarily to visit conferences. I always bring my camera and try to see something of the places I visit. I also like to go on holidays and city trips. In the photo section you will find the photos of this.


Utrecht is the city where I used to study. Four years ago already I received my Bachelor degree at the "Hoge school van Utrecht" in Communication Technology. After that I decided to do a new study: "System and Network Engineering" at the "University of Amsterdam". Amsterdam is not far away from Utrecht, so everyday a traveled by train to the university. In July 2004 I completed my study and received Master's Degree (Cum Laude).


Currently I am employed at "BCNet" as a network Analyst. BCNet is the regional Research network of British Columbia.
Until summer 2007 I was employed at "SARA" as a senior networkspecialist. There I was primarily involved with the SURFnet6 network. SURFnet6 is the Dutch National Research and Education. Network (NREN) and is a state of the art hybrid network meaning that in addition to IPv4 and IPv6 unicast and multicast connectivity SURFnet6 also offers lightpath services. These lightpaths can be either static or configured dynamically by users. The lightpaths are configured over the optical DWDM / SDH network.

Nowadays I also spent a lot of my time on innovation project as a member of the "SARA Network Research Group". Subjects that I am working on are: the Perl TL1 toolkit, Lightpath monitoring, (Optical) control plane technologies and on demand network provisioning. As part of this I visit and give presentations at conferences such as the IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), Intenet2 joint techs and GLIF (Global Lambda Integrated Facility). One of my favorite things to do is working on tooling, to automate daily management tasks.

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